Monday, October 1, 2012

Tech Basics - Disk Brake Change

Want to know how to change your own disc brake pads and save yourself time and money?
Well here you go!

Starting with the wheel removed. Locate the two bolts holding the caliper to the caliper bracket.
Normally they are between a 12mm and 14mm. Unbolt these two bolts. If extremely tight, a break bar or a hammer can be used to break loose. Just make sure your are going the right direction.

With the bolts loosened, you can remove the caliper and expose the pads.
Some calipers will have the pads in them, some will stay on the rotor.

 The long tab is a squealer. This is what makes the loud sound when its time to change your pads.

Remove the cap from the brake fluid reservoir. Using your hands or a clamp as shown press in the piston until its flush with the caliper. There are two types of pistons. The more common is the press in style like this one and a rare version that screws in. You can tell the difference by looking at the caliper. If the piston is hollow is presses in. If its solid it screws in.

Last put the new pads in place, one at a time. We are using the lifetime warranty pads from autozone, make sure the metal backing plate is on the outside. Then simply reverse the first step, bolting the caliper bolts back in and putting the tire back on. Since we didn't remove the brake line there is no need to bleed the brakes.

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