Friday, September 21, 2012

Just My Thoughts.... On Engine Tech

As a car enthusiast, I've built bikes, cars (both import and domestic, new and old), and even some trucks. And while their is something to be said about technology allowing high hp and better fuel economy, there is in my opinion just as much to be said about doing things the "old school" way. By that  I mean carburetor style low tech engineering. The main reason why I and many others feel this way. Is the pure simplicity of design, with a screwdriver and a few hot laps down a street. I can tune a car to a fairly decent point. No map tables, dynos charts and flow charts, injector timing to be messed with. Just a few screw and the sound of a motor. I'm not knocking new cars technology. I've even put some of it into classic muscle cars, but if a new engine won't start. There's a thousand possibilities for it, that some more then other will require a computer reader and a full diagnosis. Old tech requires only 3 things fuel, spark and air, something you don't need a computer to tell ya, you got.

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